Public Engagement

Liver Cancer Art Project

SMQB Liver Cancer Seed Corn Project

As part of a seed corn project funded by SMQB, our interdisciplinary team included not only liver cancer experts Shishir Shetty and Chris Weston and our team members Kylie, Fitri and Seb, but also artist Felicity who amazingly joined our regular science and arts meetings to co-create amazing visualisations as the project evolved.  Some of us went to Edinburgh to meet patients and create art along the way

Knot Your Usual Maths

Workshops for Schools by CDT Students 

Seb and other students on the CDT for topological design developed a workshop around topology for schools. The students also created a dedicated webpage for CDT outreach activities 

In2Science UK

Summer Placement 2023

Pradeep hosted 3 high school students to spend a week amongst researchers in our group. Despite their different educational backgrounds and interests, they appreciated how mathematics can be used to solve cardiovascular problems. They also had an opportunity to visit cell-culture lab and got a first-hand experience in converting a biological problem into mathematics. One of the students who was studying mathematics showed keen interest in pursuing biomathematics in future.

Primary School Visit 

Primary School Presentation and Workshop (November 2022)

Fabian visited a local primary school for their Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) day.

He told the assembly of years 2-6 about his work in STEM disciplines. Afterwards, he ran a workshop with the older kids,, where the kids had t develop their first ever mathematical model of a medical problem: the infection with bacteria. The kids enthusiastically participated and asked many questions. Fotos were published on the school webpage:  

In2science UK 

Summer Placements and Lectures (Summer 2022)

The group hosted two participants of the In2scienceUK Summer Scheme.

Also, Sebastian created a mini-lecture series called "Mathematics under the microscope" which participants of the programme could attend and learn about how mathematics aids image analysis research.

CDTTD Outreach and Public Engagement Group

Fabian is the Outreach and Public Engagement lead for the Centre for Doctoral Training in Topological Design (CDTTD).

Students who are funded by the CDTTD are encouraged to create their workshops, advertise their activities and manage the finances.

Check out the website for this group here.