Kiran Dhillon (she/her)

Research Associate


Kiran graduated with a MSc in Neuroscience from King’s College London, with a focus on Stem Cells for regenerative medicine. From here she began as a researcher at the University of Birmingham working in neuronal tissue engineering, which has enabled development and expertise in a wide range of interdisciplinary skills. Her previous research investigated magnetic technologies in aid of regenerative therapies in Parkinson’s disease as part of a collaborative consortium around Europe. 

Currently, within Dr Spill’s lab she works as an experimentalist focusing on designing and performing experimental work investigating chemotherapy resistance in cancer in relation to cell shape and geometric features. 

Research Themes

Research Projects

Current research projects include investigating cancer and how cell shape and geometric features can affect resistance in chemotherapy treatments and exploring mitochondrial dynamics in ischemia. Her work includes a wide range of interdisciplinary techniques such as cell and molecular biology, live fluorescent imaging and automated image analysis - working closely with other members in the lab who develop mathematical models using experimental data.