Endothelial Monolayer Dynamics

In this paper, we introduced a new model of an endothelial monolayer that can predict the formation of gaps in the monolayer. These gaps affect leackiness and can be exploited by transmigrating cancer cells. The code was developed by Jorge Escribano, a former visiting student and can be found here: 

The paper is published here: 

Chemotherapy and Cell Death

This paper introduces a new model of the interplay of p53 and XIAP dynamics to predict cell death in response to cancer therapy.

This project was led by Roba, collaborating with Elías  and Dan Tennant 

Ageing Heart

We have developed a bioinformatics workflow to analyse multi-omics data of the ageing heart. 

This project is led by Gianni , collaborating with Vijay Rajagopal from the University of Melbourne and Sean Lal and John O'Sullivan from the University of Sydney.

The results can be explored on this interactive webpage:

Shiny App 

The code is available here: Github 

Image Analysis for Adherent Cells 

In this paper, we developed a new workflow for image analysis of adherent leukocytes. 

The paper is published here:


Ultrastructure and metabolism of cardiomyocytes

In this project, we show how changes of the cardiomyocyte ultrastructure in diabetes affect the metabolism. This project is led by Shourya Gosh from the group of our collaborators Vijay Rajagopal from the University of Melbourne.  Gianni  contributed to this paper with a statistical analysis available here: Github 

The paper can be found here: