Faculty positions

Assistant Professor of Mathematics and its Applications

We are looking for a new faculty member who is passionate about real-world applications of Mathematics. Join our rapidly growing collaborative team of scientists working on problems in medicine, engineering, finance, and humanities using mathematical approaches. The successful candidate will play a key role in growing our engagement with stakeholders outside academia (e.g. industry, clinicians, policymakers etc) and positively impact society, economy, or health.

Please share this in your networks. Applicants should apply with a CV and their application package on our website

UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship applicants

Future Leaders Fellowships are 4+3 year fellowships that provide funding for the fellow and postdocs and, at least at the University of Birmingham, typically come with a permanent position at Assistant Professor level and provide in many cases a fast track to Associate and Full Professor. For this reason, there is an internal selection with the deadline 16.00 25 March 2024, and candidates need to reach out as soon as possible to discuss their application. The School of Mathematics at the University of Birmingham has an excellent track record with five past winners. Please contact Fabian Spill if you are interested to apply in mathematics, mechanobiology, systems biology or related areas.  

125 Anniversary Fellows and Chairs

These positions are great for anyone thinking to relocate their group to Birmingham with a great package.

PhD and Postdoc positions

We are always looking for postdocs and PhD students who are excited about highly collaborative projects with experimental and industrial partners, aiming to make an impact on important societal problems. Most of our work is on biomedical problems, but we are also developing mathematical and machine-learning models to make buildings and whole campuses smart. 

If you have an external scholarship and would like to come to Birmingham, please contact

We will soon have an opening for a research fellow in industrial and interdisciplinary mathematics. Please get in touch if you are interested.